2020 Interior Design & Decor Trends Coming Your Way

Thinking of your new home and how youโ€™re going to decorate? With the start of the new year and a new decade, itโ€™s time to review some interior design trends that have been predicted for 2020 to inspire you!

Here are our top 5 interior design trends we expect to be popular over the next 12 months.

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With late 2019 and early 2020 quite literally emblazoned in our subconscious, a big issue on the top of people’s minds is climate change and our planet’s future.

The desire to be eco-conscious and sustainable is greater than ever and we will see this played out in a variety of ways.

2020 Interior Design & Decor Trends Coming Your Way, 2020 Interior Design & Decor Trends Coming Your Way

With both consumers and manufacturers looking for ways to be eco-friendly and do right by the environment, we expect to see an influx in natural materials and sustainable design.

Already we’re seeing interior designs that focus on being sustainable and getting back to nature. They tend to feature:

  • Getting lots of natural light into the home with windows, internal courtyards, skylights and clerestory openings
  • Using minimally processed or sustainable materials such as stone, timber, leather and natural fibres
  • Indoor plants bring the outside in, relieving stress and creating a calming environment
  • Using organic shapes, hand made decor and natural materials
  • Having lots of views of nature
  • Water features such as a fountain that can be seen, heard and touched
  • We expect to see an increase in second-hand furniture as the trend to reuse and up-cycle vintage pieces grows


Following on from the theme of natural and sustainable, the colours predicted to be popular this year are those we see in nature. Subtle greens and earthy tones take the forefront providing a sense of un-plugged calm while pops of brights are balanced against pales to create a rounded and usable palette.

This can be seen by looking at the Taubmans 2020 colour collection, Nurture.

2020 Interior Design & Decor Trends Coming Your Way, 2020 Interior Design & Decor Trends Coming Your Way
Image: Taubmans

Inspired by unique colours and a desire to reconnect with ourselves, our community and surrounds, the colours featured in Nurture provide a snapshot of the current cultural mood.

Taubmans is one of our suppliers so if you see a colour you love, it could be yours!


Amongst the natural materials such as wood, stone, fibres and metals, we have a comeback kid – Terrazzo!

2020 Interior Design & Decor Trends Coming Your Way, 2020 Interior Design & Decor Trends Coming Your Way
Image: Caesarstone

Terrazzo is a manmade material that was created as a way to re-use marble chippings making it sustainable and eco-friendly.

Popular in the 1970s, the material was used mainly for flooring but with its return to the modern world of interior design, we’re seeing the unique patterns of terrazzo appear not only on floors but on walls, countertops and homewares alike.


When it comes to styling our interiors, it’s looking like we’ll say goodbye to the Scandinavian/minimalism trend and hello to maximalism.

2020 Interior Design & Decor Trends Coming Your Way, 2020 Interior Design & Decor Trends Coming Your Way

Maximalism is quite literally the opposite of minimalism. Instead of taking the less is more approach, take the more is more approach! Don’t be afraid to mix patterns, colours and textures to create bold and curated spaces. 

Play with a range of colours, pattern on pattern and contrasting materials to achieve this look. The important thing to remember is to tie things together somehow, whether that be through colour, feeling or theme.

For more information on maximalism and how you can use the trend into your home, we suggest you watch a video on maximalism or read this article: What is Maximalism.


We’re seeing an increase in curves and organic lines as designers introduce curves arches that add a touch of softness and femininity to spaces that have traditionally been filled with hard lines and surfaces.

Rounded windows, curved walls and circular elements are emerging from architects and designers as technological advances make new things possible.

2020 Interior Design & Decor Trends Coming Your Way, 2020 Interior Design & Decor Trends Coming Your Way

Not convinced of the curved trend? Don’t commit! Instead of using this trend in the architectural design, use it in your decor instead. 

A round mirror, curved lines in artwork, sculptures, fluted glass and organic shapes will all allow you to embrace this trend without having to change out your windows or doorway.

It’s important to note that whilst trends can be great to get inspiration from, you should pick and choose and be inspired by trends to find your own style that will stay with you as you grow, rather than fade as the next trend comes around.

By finding your own style and borrowing aspects from each trend, you’ll be able to create a lasting space that’s unique and tailored to you while keeping on-trend furniture and decor from becoming more landfill.

Are you looking to build this year? Get in touch with our friendly and experienced New Homes Consultants by calling (02) 4256 0222 or send us a message online.

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