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5 Advantages of House & Land Packages for Investors

Mar 19, 2020 | Project Homes, Choosing Land, Completed Homes

If you’re looking to invest, then your checklist could look a little like this;

  • Low upfront cost
  • Maximum return
  • Good location
  • Low maintenance
  • Appealing to good quality tenants

With such important specifics in mind and such a wide range of investment options available, the selection and decision making process can become overwhelming!

You may not have considered it yet, but our house and land packages in the Illawarra, Shoalhaven, Southern Highlands and Goulburn areas take away those headache-causing decisions and provide you with the ultimate investment solution!

Aside from being of unbelievable value, here are our top 5 reasons house and land packages are so appealing to investors…

1. Home warranty

If purchasing an existing home as your investment, not only is there no way to predict future unforeseen issues that may arise due to issues like structural damage or poor workmanship – but you will have no warranty in place to cover you in the event that an issue with the home does arise!

Because a house and land package provides you with a brand new home, you’ll have a warranty period that covers future problems, if they did arise.

Mincove Homes Kitchen

Here at Mincove Homes, we are proud to offer a Lifetime Structural Warranty on all of our beautiful new homes. Giving you peace of mind that your investment is safe.

That’s because we are confident that we are always presenting our clients with high-quality new builds that have been carefully constructed to uphold our highest standard of quality craftsmanship!

Now that’s a good investment!

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2. Few to no maintenance outlays

One of the main benefits of investing in a brand new home is that they will require very little to no maintenance for a long time.

After all, there would be nothing worse as an investor than having to attend to constant maintenance requests from your tenants!

Here at Mincove Homes, we offer a 90 day maintenance period to sort out any lingering issues post-build should they arise. Paired with all of your comprehensive product warranties, you can rest assured that we’ve got you covered.

Mincove Homes Bathroom

This is a pretty significant benefit of investing in a house and land package, especially when you consider that one of the main costs associated with owning an investment property is maintenance.

Here at Mincove Homes, we are proud to be using high-quality materials and exceptional construction techniques, to ensure that your new home is incredibly efficient to maintain.

TIP: Not only will a brand new home have lower costs, it will also retain its value for longer.

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3. Depreciation and tax benefits

The benefits of depreciation are significant in a new home – an advantage that definitely shouldn’t be overlooked!

When you purchase a new home as an investment, tax deductions can be claimed for depreciable assets – such as the cost of the building itself, and its fittings and fixtures.

Additionally, you can claim the maximum depreciation allowance on your tax return as new homes depreciate faster than existing homes.

Mincove Alfresco Area

For example, a new home investment costing, say, $250,000, with $30,000 worth of fittings and fixtures, will generate approximately $16,000 worth of deductions.

If you consider this along with the benefits that you also have to gain from claiming for the property’s rates payments, interest and tenancy management – that’s looking like a pretty attractive investment!

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4. Save on stamp duty

One of the biggest drawcards for investing in a house and land package is the potential for reduced stamp duty.

This is because, in the case of buying a parcel of land and then building on it later, the land and the construction of the new home are considered separate contracts.

However, when investing in a house and land package – you will save thousands of dollars as you will only have to pay stamp duty on the land, not on the house.

As an example, on a typical house and land package of around $450,000, you would save approximately $8,000 in stamp duty.

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5. Appeal to good quality tenants

As a future landlord, you will be aiming to attract and secure high quality and long-term tenants to your property.

Simply put – brand new homes will attract better tenants.

Beautiful, brand new homes have the advantage of being incredibly attractive to potential tenants, offering them modern conveniences and a home that they will love to live in for years to come.

A new home also presents you with the benefit of being able to charge premium rent, (which good tenants will pay), allowing you to gain higher returns for your investment.

View our range of beautiful, quality house and land packages here.

Mandala Beach House

So as you can see, our top 5 reasons that house and land packages are so appealing to investors are pretty good ones!

TIP: When searching for your ideal investment property, you must also consider contributing factors such as the location, surrounding infrastructure and amenities, and employment and growth opportunities – to ensure that it will make a beneficial long-term investment.

But, be sure not to miss out on your opportunity to capitalise on the rapid growth of our stunning Illawarra, Southern Highlands and Shoalhaven regions by investing in a house and land package.

You can be assured to maximise your returns when you choose a quality package from Mincove Homes.

Did you know that house and land packages are also ideal for first home buyers? Read why here.


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