5 Benefits Of Using A Local Builder

If youโ€™re planning on building a new home or renovating an existing one in Wollongong, Moss Vale, Nowra, and surrounding areas the process starts with finding the right builder. Your builder should be experienced and trusted for quality work. That can make the difference between a job well done, within budget and on time.

One of the very first decisions youโ€™ll have to make when choosing a home builder is whether to go with local builders or a national one (franchise). National or Sydney based builders may have some appeal however, there are some unique benefits that only a local builder can bring to new homeowners.

5 Benefits Of Using A Local Builder, 5 Benefits Of Using A Local Builder


One of the benefits of using local builders is the personal touch they bring to your new build. Local builders have a better understanding of the lifestyle, personalities and requirements of the people they are working with. This allows them to personalise their services and bring greater value to any building project.

Importantly, they are really aware of the unique climate, topical features and weather that areas offer, so they know how to best plan the build and ensure safety and security when it comes to the materials and the site.

Most independent local builders have had to fight to earn their reputation despite tough competition from bigger national firms. These local builders are usually family owned businesses that set themselves apart by offering high quality work and some form of personal touch in their services.


When you use local builders, the team working on your property will usually live nearby, this makes them easier to communicate with than national builders. This may not seem like much but having access to your builder when you need them makes the process of building a new home less stressful and more enjoyable. If something goes awry, it will take them minutes to attend to the site, rather than hours or days. 

You will find it easier to get in direct contact with local builders than national companies whose local representatives are often tasked with servicing a large area with many clients.


Most labour and material costs are pretty much standard irrespective of who your builder is. However, local home builders often provide better cost savings as a result of their trade relationships. Local builders know the best staff and contractors for any budget and have access to discounts from local suppliers and manufacturers. Mincove Homes are known for their budget friendly building services.


When you employ local builders, more money stays within the community. Local home builders employ local people, subcontractors and labourers and often using locally produced materials where appropriate. With over thirteen thousand businesses in Wollongong, a lot of the money you spend with a local building company goes directly back into them. Here at Mincove Homes, we make an active effort to support local community organisations, whether that’s local sporting teams, bowling clubs, golf clubs & other local groups that have a positive impact on the community. One of our core beliefs is around keeping local money local & we implement this core belief in each one of our build areas.

Giving a local builder your business benefits the local neighbourhood in terms of employment opportunities and much more.


Our local builders work hard to establish and maintain a positive reputation for themselves in their community. This means that local reviews and recommendations tend to hold more weight. Our reputation is crucial to us and our business, which is why we go above and beyond when it comes to creating your dream home in the local area.

Word spreads fast in a close knit community! So it’s up to us to always undertake the best workmanship possible to avoid damaging our reputation and keep our clients happy.

Your first priority for your new home should be selecting a builder who is fully qualified and licensed. That said, you are more likely to get the best value working with local builders who understand your needs, the unique area and the local housing market.

Mincove Homes have had more than twenty years’ industry experience. We pride ourselves on our strong connections with the local community and the builders we employ & work with, who always deliver outstanding work.

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Mincove Homes Published on Mar 23, 2020 4 minute read

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