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5 reasons to consider a knock down rebuild

Feb 5, 2018 | Inspiration

The process of building a house

If you’re not familiar with the benefits of this popular building solution, read on then weigh up whether it’s the right option for you.

  1. You’ll save 10’s of 1000’s of dollars
  2. No nasty surprises
  3. Stay in the area that you love
  4. Complete site access
  5. Improve your home’s sustainability

1. You’ll save tens of thousands dollars

By not going through the buy and sell process, you will save on stamp duty and real estate costs! Also, renovations can end up costing more than new builds, as they often require a lot of time-consuming demolition and rectification work before the new work can even begin. And you won’t have the same utility connection expense of some undeveloped blocks.

2. No nasty surprises

Costs associated with renovating and extending a home are difficult to determine during the design stage, which could mean costly variations to your scope of work down the track. Building a new home from scratch eliminates problems that may arise when trying to ensure a new addition gels with an old house.

3. Stay in the area that you love

You will have your new dream home without moving out of your local area. Knock down rebuilds are a great option for families who love where they live and are loath to leave, but are in desperate need of a new home that better suits their needs.

4. Complete site access

Site access to renovations is often limited as your builder is working around existing structures. With a new build, your builder will have full access to the building site. Improved access will increase productivity on site and could reduce your build time.

5. Improve your home’s sustainability

Starting from scratch means that you can optimise insulation and the orientation and layout of your home and windows, to allow for maximum sun exposure in winter, shade and coolness in summer and cross ventilation. Having the ability to heat, cool, ventilate and illuminate your home naturally allows you to improve your home’s carbon footprint and reduce your household energy spending.

Knock Down Rebuild: Before and After

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