Alfresco Decor Inspiration For A Beautiful Space

You finally have your beautiful alfresco living space complete. So, now for the fun part โ€“ transforming your space into your ideal outdoor haven with dรฉcor!

With so many different ideas for alfresco dรฉcor inspiration out there, make sure not to get caught up in just adding in a touch of everything!

Alfresco Decor Inspiration, Alfresco Decor Inspiration For A Beautiful Space

The décor within your alfresco area should ensure ultimate relaxation and convenience, tied in with an overall aesthetic that is true to your style.

Firstly, you will need to think about the type of space that you wish to create.

Alfresco Decor Inspiration, Alfresco Decor Inspiration For A Beautiful Space

For example, do you want to create a tranquil haven to wind down in with a glass of wine and your favourite book? Or, would you like to create the ultimate outdoor kitchen entertaining experience?

Really thinking about the purpose for your space and how it will be used, will help you on your journey to finding the perfect alfresco décor inspiration!

Here are a few of our top tips for ensuring decor choices that will bring your dream alfresco area to life;


No matter the type of space you are creating, your choice of furniture should both invite yourself and your guests outside to enjoy the space, and let them know what they are there for!

If you are inviting people out into your alfresco area to relax, then turn your outdoor living space into a stylish sanctuary with generous, comfortable furniture such as large day beds or deck chairs.

Alfresco Decor Inspiration, Alfresco Decor Inspiration For A Beautiful Space

To really take ultimate relaxation to the next level, think comfortable hanging chairs, or a stylish hammock complete with an umbrella for shade and a side table for your book or drink to sit on.

If you are looking to create the ultimate outdoor kitchen entertaining space, then set the tone for the space by incorporating a generous outdoor dining table, with comfortable seating that is easy to access.

If you haven’t already, bring in those all-important outdoor kitchen inclusions such as a barbeque, bar fridge, and/or pizza oven!

Alfresco Decor Inspiration, Alfresco Decor Inspiration For A Beautiful Space

The golden rules for alfresco furniture are;

  1. Don’t clutter your space! Make sure furniture is easy for you and your guests to use and to move around.
  2. Choose outdoor-friendly pieces! Is your alfresco furniture resistant to the elements such as rain, sun and wind? Is it easy to clean?

For more ideas on alfresco furniture choices, click here.


This is the really fun part when browsing all of that alfresco décor inspiration!

Your choice of furnishings and décor should complement the purpose of your space, but also highlight your personal design style.

For example, if you want to create a fun, ‘Summer in Beverly Hill’ type alfresco area, you could complete your space with bright furnishings such as palm print outdoor cushions, a brightly coloured umbrella, a drinks station and some quirky décor pieces.

If you are creating a more tranquil space for ultimate relaxation, you could finish with gorgeous ‘Hamptons style’ décor items such as large sitting cushions in a soft stripe print, complete with the addition of natural textures like wooden lanterns and a jute rug.

Alfresco Decor Inspiration, Alfresco Decor Inspiration For A Beautiful Space

For alfresco decor inspiration more suited to an outdoor kitchen type of area, think ‘practical decor’ such as serving bowls/spoons, an ice bucket, water jugs and citronella candles.


To ensure the functional use of your alfresco space right through to night time, you may have already covered the main sources of lighting such as downlights – in the planning stages.

However, there is also so much opportunity to create extra ambience through finishing with  creative lighting décor items!

To create a more relaxed atmosphere of a night time, ditch the overhead lighting and opt for fairy lights, tea light candles, or even get creative with some DIY feature lighting such as decorative lanterns or garden torches.

Alfresco Decor Inspiration, Alfresco Decor Inspiration For A Beautiful Space
Image: Beacon Lighting

Another ultimate décor inclusion for creating ambience through lighting is a fire pit!

Not only does a fire pit within your outdoor space look beautiful, it can be a real focal point – setting a whole new tone of relaxation and socialisation for your space.

TIP: The inclusion of a fire pit will also transform your alfresco space from one that is only used of a night time in Summer, to once that will be used of a night time all year round. Marshmallows anyone?

For more on alfresco lighting options, click here.


If once all of your alfresco area’s furniture, furnishings and décor items are in place, and you still feel there is something missing – it could be a touch of greenery!

No matter the style or purpose of your outdoor area, plants have a way of creating a tranquil atmosphere for your guests to unwind in.

When choosing your greenery, opt for low-maintenance plants such as palms or succulents for a hassle-free alfresco area. 

You could also try pots in different shapes and sizes to create height and hierarchy within the space, and achieve an overall sense of lushness.

Alfresco Decor Inspiration, Alfresco Decor Inspiration For A Beautiful Space

TIP: Add to the feel of your space by experimenting with different coloured and textured pots, too.

The options for greenery don’t stop there! You could even try hanging pots, a green wall or creating a small herb garden to really add to an outdoor kitchen space.

For more alfresco design ideas, click here.

Here at Mincove Homes, we also have our very own Selections Consultant, who could give you some more great tips on alfresco decor inspiration! Give our friendly team a call today on (02) 4256 0222.

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