Building On A Sloping Block? Here’s What You Need To Know!

In order to capture views of our beautiful coastlines or rolling hillsides, it’s often the case that your options will be limited to sloping sites.

After taking on the challenges of these sloping sites throughout the beautiful South Coast of NSW for almost two decades, we have found that getting these five things right will ensure building your dream home doesn’t become a nightmare:

building on sloping block, Building On A Sloping Block? Here’s What You Need To Know!


Be aware that with a sloping block, soil depths are relatively shallow, meaning you are likely to strike rock. Ensure that your home design reduces any unnecessary (and costly) excavation.


Building on a sloping block doesn’t mean having a home out-of-ground on a timber subfloor.

These days, a knowledgeable and experienced builder will be able to offer different alternative options, including split level designs.


Work with your builder to maximise the attributes of your block. For example, there are ways to incorporate windows that take advantage of views and natural light within your home.


As you consider your split level project home design or work with your new homes consultant to create a plan for your custom home, keep the entire block in mind. A good design will highlight a block’s potential and make clever use of space to suit your needs.


Make sure the builders you are considering have experience building on sloping blocks. Have a look at their previous work, or better yet, ask to speak to their previous clients.

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Mincove Homes Published on Dec 06, 2017 1 minute read

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