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The Process of designing and building your own home can be complex. But at Mincove Homes, we make the experience a breeze by breaking down the process into steps.

Take a look here to learn more about the design and pre-construction stages that we can guide you through in your journey to building your very own brand-new home.

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Mincove Homes Site Start

Site Start

Your new Mincove Home is ready for construction. Once you provide the required financial authorisation, we’ll start ordering materials and commence building.

Mincove Payment Stages:

5% Initial Deposit
15% Slab or Footings Stage
25% Frame Stage
20% Brickwork Stage
15% Roof Stage
10% Fixing Stage
10% Final Stage

Mincove Homes Site Start

Slab or Footings Stage

The Mincove Homes team of qualified tradespeople are now ready to begin making your dream home a reality. During the slab or footings stage, the team will commence site excavation in readiness to pour the concrete slab or footings.

It’s also during this stage that you will be introduced to your Mincove Homes Construction Supervisor that will become your main point of contact throughout the entire build process.

Mincove Payment: 15%

Mincove Homes Frame Stage

Frame Stage

The team will now erect your frames and install the roof trusses.

Mincove Payment: 25%

Mincove Homes Brick Stage

Brickwork Stage

It’s here during the brickwork stage that the scaffolding and brickwork are completed.

Mincove Payment: 20%

Mincove Homes Roof Stage

Roof Stage

Your new Mincove Home is now really starting to take shape with the roof tiles (or steel roof) now installed at the lockup stage. It is here that the statutory authority inspection is also completed.

Mincove Payment: 15%

Mincove Homes Fixing Stage

Fixing Stage

The Mincove Homes team are now ready to complete the rough ins for plumbing, electrical, ducted air conditioning (if applicable) and security (if applicable), as well as install all wall and ceiling insulation.

Mincove Payment: 10%

Mincove Homes Completed Build Split Level

Final Claim

It’s time for the final touches – the Mincove Homes team will complete all painting, as well as the required tiling. Other items such as kitchen splashbacks, mirrors and shower screens are also installed, along with any other finishing touches required.

Mincove Payment: 10%

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