Choosing Your Home Façade Design

Inside this article – why your home façade design is so important, our top 4 tips for choosing your façade design, and so much more!

Home Façade Design, Choosing Your Home Façade Design

Your new home’s façade design is your very first way of expressing your individual tastes to the rest of the world! So, it should make an impact!

When it comes to choosing the elements that will make up your perfect façade, there are many things to consider such as your location, your style and tastes, and ensuring that your façade design is a cohesive reflection of the rest of your home design.

Your home façade design is made up of a look and style, materials, colours, features, lighting options and even landscaping, all which tie together to create a story about who you are and how you love to live.

Home Façade Design, Choosing Your Home Façade Design

Because we appreciate how personal your home façade design decision is, here at Mincove Homes we offer ten beautifully different façade styles, all which can easily be applied to a range of different floorplan options.

So, with so many options available, how do you choose the right home façade design for you?

Here are our top four tips for choosing a home façade design that will help create a beautiful point of difference for your brand new home, and give you a spectacular street presence that is unique to you.


You may already know which unique home design style you love. But if you don’t, have a think about your lifestyle and your personality.

Are you a beach lover who finds your calm within cool, coastal design? Or do you prefer the hustle and bustle of your inner city suburb, and adore unique, rustic textures and design features?

Home Façade Design, Choosing Your Home Façade Design

More than just suiting your surrounding area, your façade choice should really reflect who you are.

Catering for a broad range of individual styles and different locations, we offer our clients a generous choice between our City, Classic, Coastal, Estate, Hamptons, Metro, Rustic, Sanctuary, Traditional or Urban style home façade design options!

View each of our unique home façade designs here.


Many people these days have favourite external home design materials, such as Colorbond steel, exposed brick, cladding, raw wood or stone.

Knowing which materials you love can also help you to establish your personal style.

For example, do you like the rustic look of raw bricks, and organic textures like timber and stone? If you do, take a look at our Rustic and Urban façade designs.

Or, are you drawn to more applied finishes such as traditional cladding, render or paint? If this is you, take a look at our CityCoastal and Hamptons façade designs.

Home Façade Design, Choosing Your Home Façade Design

TIP: Have a drive through your local housing estates, or visit some display homes to look for external material inspiration.

Here at Mincove Homes, we partner with a range of trusted Australia suppliers of beautiful external materials, such as BlueScope SteelCSRPGH Bricks and Pavers, and Austral Bricks.


This one may sound like a no-brainer!

But, when choosing the colours for your new home façade design, it is important to think about tones that not only look beautiful, but will stay looking beautiful! Are they going to be easy to manage long-term (simple to clean)?

Secondly, it is important that the tones you choose for your façade tie in nicely with the colours used throughout the rest of your new home.

You may even want to play with various shades of one colour to create a ‘layered’ look with depth. Or, if you’re game, contrast light and dark colours and textures for a bolder look.

Home Façade Design, Choosing Your Home Façade Design


Colours, materials and textures are all a great way to create focal points on your façade.

For example, if you love raw timber and exposed bricks, why not combine the two materials to create a beautiful aesthetic entranceway feature?

Being on your façade, this focal point will set the tone for the rest of your home. So, you could create overall cohesiveness by flowing these two materials throughout the rest of your new home, too.

Or, to make a real statement, you could even paint your front door in a fun, bright and welcoming colour such as teal or a cheerful yellow!

Whilst we have ten beautiful home façade design options on offer here at Mincove Homes, we can also work with you to customise your façade to make it really unique!

Each of our home façade designs can also easily be applied to whichever floor plan you choose.


Here at Mincove Homes, we use a simple three step process to help give you a free tailored tender, based on your façade preferences.


Take a look through our extensive range of façade design options, and choose a style that you love the most.


Choose a design from our range of floorplan options, that will suit yours and your family’s lifestyle.


We put together a FREE tailored tender for you, based on your choices in steps one and two.

Your choice will also include the decision to have your garage positioned on the left or right of your house when looking at the block from the street.

Click here to go through our easy, tailored free tender process.

To have a chat with one of our friendly and experienced New Homes Consultants about your façade preferences or getting a free tender, give us a call today on (02) 4256 0222.

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Mincove Homes Published on Jun 28, 2019 5 minute read

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