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Are you making these styling mistakes in your home?

Jun 18, 2018 | Inspiration

The experts make beautiful styling look easy. But, you’re not alone if you feel like your interior style just isn’t hitting the mark! Here are some styling habits that you need to break, now!

5 home styling mistakes

Here are five styling mistakes you could be making in your home:

  1. Replicating a trend
  2. Cluttering
  3. Going overboard
  4. Not ‘grouping’ items
  5. Sticking to one shop

Replicating a trend

A good starting point can be creating a mood board that really taps into your personal style. Use this as your inspiration, rather than trying to ‘copy’ a particular style. Creating a replica of someone else’s style has the potential to look rather staged, and is bound to leave you feeling like something is missing!

Your home should tell a bit of a story about yourself and your family – have confidence in your own style! Start with a key piece that you love, and build from there.


Reducing clutter creates a feeling of ‘space’, gives your eye somewhere to rest, and gives your home room to breathe. Not every corner needs to be filled with a piece of furniture, nor does every tabletop need a decor item. Remove items such as excess furniture, wall hangings, decor nick-nacks and overall clutter for a calm and fresh looking space.

Going overboard

When we’ve fallen in love with a ‘look’, we often find ourselves heading into a shop and purchasing everything we see that fits that look. Instead, only buy items that you really love, and remember the golden rule: less is always more. For example, creating a ‘beach house’ look isn’t about jamming as many sea shells and boat oars into the space as you can! Keep things timeless and classic, avoiding buying into fads and passing trends.

Not ‘grouping’ items

Take care with how you arrange decor items to avoid a disjointed look. Some good points to remember are grouping alike pieces closely together rather than ‘scattering’ them, incorporating various heights to create a layered look, and creating a common thread or ‘theme’ with the pieces that you are grouping. Finally, don’t group too many items together. Three or four pieces is usually enough.

Sticking to one shop

Buying all of your furniture, artwork, and decor from the same shop makes your space look deliberately created rather than arising naturally or spontaneously. Chances are, it also presents a perfect ‘trend’ that will eventually date. Shop around, only buying those items that you love. Before you know it, you should have a beautiful collection of items that perfectly pull together your true individual style.

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