How To Choose A Double Storey House Plan

Weighing up between a single storey or a double storey house plan? Or have you already decided on a double storey home but are not sure which design to choose?

Double Storey House Plans, How To Choose A Double Storey House Plan


It’s not hard to see why double storey homes are more popular than ever. Whilst in previous generations the ideal may have been a home on block over 1000m2, lot sizes are getting smaller and smaller. In the 2017 State of the Land survey, Australia’s median lot size was reported to have decreased by over 10% in only two years, whilst at the same time the price per square metre was 20% higher over the same period.

Living space

Two storey homes deliver double the living space within the same building footprint, meaning a smaller lot can punch well above its weight in providing space for your family and guests.


Another advantage of double storey homes is their versatility. Having two storeys means that you can do more architecturally with the exterior, with a larger façade, different levels or multiple rooflines. At Mincove Homes we offer a range of double storey designs with several different façade options, each with distinct features to tailor the look of your home to your particular taste. Browsing these designs will allow you to see what options are available to you and your family. Also, keep in mind that all of our floorplans are customisable! If you’re looking make a few changes, please get in touch with one of our New Homes Consultants!

Aspect and views

And of course, double storey builds allow you to take best advantage of the aspect of your property. The top floor rooms will have more natural light and more pleasing views over your neighbourhood – and perhaps even give you the glimpse of the ocean, hills or escarpment that so many of us dream of.

Cost and accessibility

There are some downsides to double storey homes. Double storey homes are generally more costly than single storey dwellings of the same square footage because of the added structural costs. You also have to contend with stairs, which may not be suitable for some individuals.

Overall, however, double storey builds remain incredibly popular, thanks to the living space, versatility and views they offer.


When it comes to choosing a plan for a double-storey home, you have a lot of options. How do you decide which is the right one for you?

Choose a style that fits your taste

For new homes, it makes sense to choose a design that complements your tastes. There’s no point going ultra-modern if you prefer traditional designs.

Mincove Homes’ Werri Design with Classic façade, for instance, is a hybrid between traditional and modern. It features a gabled roof, a patio providing shade to the front entry and downstairs windows, and a beautiful blend of cladding and bricks to finish off this stunning exterior. This façade is a statement and it simply radiates street appeal. We finish the home in a choice of claddings.

Double Storey House Plans, How To Choose A Double Storey House Plan

Werri Design with Classic façade

On the inside, the Werri features an open-plan living, kitchen and dining space, laundry, walk-in linen cupboard, home theatre, and alfresco dining space. Upstairs, there are four bedrooms and a rumpus or second living space, perfect for growing families with kids who require more living space.

If you are interested in the Werri plan, Mincove Homes is currently building a new Display Home which will open in 2020. Be sure to follow us on Facebook and Instagram for updates & official opening days!

Of course, the Werri is just one design: there are plenty more. All plans come with equally impressive features, so you don’t need to compromise. Be sure to check out our Ridgewood design in Calderwood Valley and our Cove design in Shell Cove which are available for viewing right now. These display homes are so vastly different. Our ‘Ridgewood’ is designed for 10m blocks, offering a tandem garage, 4 bedrooms and two living areas! Whilst our Cove design is a 5 bedroom, 311m2 home that is designed to impress inside & out!

Choose design features that most suit your lifestyle

Double Storey House Plans, How To Choose A Double Storey House Plan

Mincove Homes’ Cove Design

Not everyone building a new home wants to live in the same way. People have different preferences. So, when you’re choosing a double storey house plan, think carefully about the features that you’ll really use.

Do you need a home theatre? If you’re a big movie buff and like to watch films on a big screen, then you might want to choose a plan that includes a home cinema, like our Werri Design. Home theatre rooms provide a functional, cosy space with plenty of room for a large television or projector.

How much alfresco space do you need? Everyone loves to entertain! All of our double storey designs are available with an alfresco area that’s perfect for entertaining. Whether you’re only entertaining a few friends, hosting the extended family for Christmas or throwing a party for the ages, having a large enough and well-equipped alfresco area is a MUST for any Australian family. The size and shape of your block will dictate the size, shape and orientation of your alfresco area, but here at Mincove Homes, we specialise in maximising living and entertaining spaces.

Do you need extra storage space downstairs? Our Werri Design comes with an under-stairs storage space that you can use for bulky items such as cleaning equipment and sports gear. Great for things you want to keep closer at hand than in the garage, but not cluttering up your new home.

Do you need a gourmet kitchen? In every kitchen, you’ll need somewhere to cook, prepare, clean and eat! How much space you need to do all of those things is in the eye of the beholder. We have more double-storey designs than you can poke a satay chicken skewer at, meaning that you’re not short of choice when it comes to the orientation, size and function of your kitchen. Want to make some changes to one of our standard kitchen designs? No worries at all! We work with you to design your dream kitchen, this is your dream home – you deserve to be presented with your dream kitchen too.

Make sure the home plan is large enough to accommodate your family

Mincove Homes offers double-storey plans of different sizes, depending on your needs. Some designs prioritise living area while others provide more space in the bedrooms and wet areas. Some do both.

When choosing a home plan, make sure that it offers enough space to meet all your needs.

Consider guest accommodation

When designing your dream home it’s easy to forget about the other people that will be staying there, your guests!

While all of our double storey house plans are designed to accommodate all living areas and ensure that there is a flow throughout each space there will be circumstances where it may not meet your specific needs.

Do you have an elderly family member that will be staying over regularly? Would you benefit from having a bedroom downstairs with an ensuite to save the trip up the stairs? Do you have a teenager that needs some extra study space? All of these things can be accommodated when designing your dream double storey home!


Choosing a double-storey house plan for your family isn’t always easy. At Mincove Homes, we cater to every need, offering a range of floor plans for different needs. 

Today, there are options for practically everyone, from the voracious film buff to the at-home chef. The home you ultimately choose should be a reflection of you and your lifestyle. 

Take your time, browse your options, and find something you love. 

Get in touch with our friendly and experienced New Homes Consultants about your double storey house plan by calling (02) 4256 0222 or send us a message online

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Mincove Homes Published on Jan 15, 2020 7 minute read

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