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Frequently Asked Home Building Questions

1. What areas do you build in?

We have been building homes in the Illawarra, Shoalhaven, Southern Highlands & Southern Tablelands for over 20 years. Currently, we build from Helensburgh down to Dolphin Point (Ulladulla) and out to Goulburn (and surrounds)!

2. I have a sloping site, can you help?

Yes, we have a number of designs to suit various sloping sites and we also offer custom designs to suit your unique block and your budget. Read our helpful article ‘Building On A Sloping Block? Here’s What You Need To Know’ for some great information.

3. What does it cost to build a home?

A great question to ask any builder! Here at Mincove Homes, we have two different avenues in terms of pricing depending on the nature/complexity of your build. When you visit one of our award-winning display homes, you’ll receive a price list that details our ‘Base Price’ for each design applicable to your block, but that price is simply for the house itself, it doesn’t factor in site costs & upgrades. For a detailed breakdown of the total cost of your build, you’ll need to opt for one of the following options.

  • Easy Living Homes – Free Tender

We offer a Free Tender process on all of our Easy Living design. A design is deemed part of the ‘Easy Living’ range if it is designed to be built on a flat(ish) block. A free tender is an obligation-free quote for the build of your desired home on your block, we will detail site costs, inclusions, the base price of your build & any other costs that we forecast to come up during construction. There are no hidden costs, the price is the price and we’re very transparent with the breakdown of each. Your New Homes Consultant will sit down with you and go through every aspect of the tender, break down each part and make sure that you’re fully aware of where your money will be spent during the build.

  • Exclusive Collection – Paid Tender

Our ‘Exclusive Collection’ refers to our Split Level designs that are built on sloping blocks. A paid tender is, in essence the same as our Free Tenders, you’ll still get a detailed breakdown of the costs associated with building your desired home on your block fo land, but with a more difficult block, comes a more difficult tender. A paid tender requires a lot more time, as every quote needs to be obtained for your specific job from our numerous suppliers, our drafting team will need to design & engineer your house to fit on your block of land etc. The actual dollar figure for the tender can be negotiated with your New Homes Consultant, it will vary depending on the scale & diffuculty of the build. Learn more about building with Mincove Homes

4. Is it possible to change the floor plan layout?

Absolutely! We allow you to change any of our designs to suit your specific needs. Adding m² to your home will naturally cause the base price to increase, but if you’re simply moving internal walls this can be done at little to no cost you as long as it’s done within reason. Learn more about custom builds.


5. What are site costs?

We package our site costs into three different categories:

  • Site costs
  • Basix requirements
  • Council fees.

These three are a minimum requirement when building a new dwelling. These aren’t included in our base price because they do vary depending on several factors; council fees, the complexity of the build, availability of services, existing fencing, soil type, ease of access & more. After a consultation with your New Homes Consultant, they will be able to gather enough information on the house design and the building address to provide you with an estimate of the costs.

6. What are your standard inclusions?

Here at Mincove Homes we offer industry-leading standard inclusions. We include the use of brands such as Phoenix TapwarePolytecStegbarColorbondWestinghouse + many more as standard. All of these are INCLUDED in our standard base price. We do however offer several different levels of inclusions, you can discover these by visiting one of our 5 award-winning display homes and talking to one of our New Homes Consultants.

7. Do you include floor coverings in your base price?

The simple answer is – no. But for good reason, everyone has their own taste and vision, we try not to pigeonhole you and only allow you to choose from a limited range of floor coverings, we’re very open to sourcing different tiles/carpet etc. for you or allowing you to get your own floor coverings installed after handover.

8. I have DA approved plans – can you build it?

Unfortunately not. By only agreeing to build our own homes we can assure the quality of our builds remain consistent and nothing is missed. This is a form of quality control on our behalf and it saves a lot of potential confusion for the client too.

9. What façade options are there?

We offer 10 main façade ‘styles’ for all of our single storey builds, these can be adapted to suit any of our ‘Easy Living’ designs. Examples of all of our offerings can be found by visiting one of our 5 award-winning display homes and talking to one of our New Homes Consultants.

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10. Do you build dual occupancy homes (duplexes)?

There once was a time where Mincove Homes did build duplexes, but we have decided to no longer offer this service. We thought it would be best to focus on single occupancy dwellings instead, to ensure we could keep our build times short and our quality high.

11. Am I allowed to choose my own colours and selections?

Yes, our Selections Consultant will work with you as you choose a scheme for your new home that best suits your surrounds, personality and lifestyle.

Learn more about the three stages of building a Mincove Home.

12. What if I don’t like the façade on display for the design I have chosen?

You can customise your home with any façade type you like. We will guide you as to what will suit, material selection and costs associated with your selections.

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