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Building With Us

Stage 2. Construction


A. Site Start

At this final stage of the purchase process, your new Mincove Home is almost ready to begin construction. The final construction and engineering drawings are completed and you provide the finance authority to commence from your chosen lending institution.

From here, Mincove Homes will order the required materials and commence construction.

  • Mincove Payments breakdown: 
    • Initial Deposit – 5%
    • Slab or Footings Stage – 20%
    • Frame Stage – 20%
    • Brickwork Stage – 20%
    • Roof Stage – 15%
    • Fixing Stage – 10%

B. Slab or Footings Stage

The Mincove Homes team of qualified tradespeople are now ready to begin making your dream home a reality. During the slab or footings stage, the team will commence site excavation in readiness to pour the concrete slab or footings.

It’s also during this stage that you will be introduced to your Mincove Homes Construction Supervisor that will become your main point of contact throughout the entire build process.

  • Mincove Payment: 20% 

C. Frame stage

The team will now erect your frames and install the roof trusses.

  • Mincove Payment: 20%

D. Brickwork stage

It’s here during the brickwork stage that the scaffolding and brickwork are completed.

  • Mincove Payment: 20%

E. Roof stage

Your new Mincove Home is now really starting to take shape with the roof tiles (or steel roof) now installed at the lockup stage. It is here that the statutory authority inspection is also completed.

  • Mincove Payment: 15%

F. Fixing stage

The Mincove Homes team are now ready to complete the rough ins for plumbing, electrical, ducted air conditioning (if applicable) and security (if applicable), as well as install all wall and ceiling insulation.

  • Mincove Payment: 10%

G. Final claim

It’s time for the final touches – the Mincove Homes team will complete all painting, as well as the required tiling. Other items such as kitchen splashbacks, mirrors and shower screens are also installed, along with any other finishing touches required.

  • Mincove Payment: 10%

Display Homes


Finding the perfect home for your family can take time. Instead of settling, have you considered building a brand-new home that ticks all your boxes and is perfectly suited for your growing family?

At Mincove Homes, we work closely with top interior designers and builders to develop home designs that can suit the needs of families across particular suburbs in NSW.

Although we provide detailed floor plans and 3D renderings of our home designs, nothing can compare to a walkthrough of our quality display homes to get a sense of what your new Mincove Home can offer you and your family.


The best way to get a feel of what your newly built home could look like is by visiting one of our award-winning display homes in Nowra, Wollongong, Illawarra and other surrounding suburbs. Designed with you in mind, all Mincove homes are built to accommodate growing families with ample space for work and play.

We have 6 Display Homes & 1 Display Centre currently open across 4 different locations; Calderwood Valley, Housing World Shell Cove, Housing World Nowra & Goulburn.

All 5 of our display homes are equipped with 3-4 bedrooms, 2-3 bathrooms and other cutting-edge features including a theatre room, al fresco outdoor space, walk in pantry, ensuite master bedroom with walk-in robes, a two car garage and kids’ activity space. Whether you are searching for a two-storey home or an open plan kitchen, Mincove can help develop the home of your dreams!


Ready to buy land and start building your new home? See our display homes in person. Open 7 days a week from 10am to 5pm, our display homes can be visited at any time. We encourage you to stop by and chat with our New Homes Consultants who are ready to answer all your enquiries.

They can help to provide you with the opportunity to get a sense of the layout, spaces, materials, build-quality and inclusions you can come to expect from Mincove Homes as your new property build partners. Come ready with questions, because we can’t wait to answer them.

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