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Knock Down Rebuild

Capra - Gerroa (Before)

Buying an older home?

To secure a special location or large block, buying an old home is often the best option to create your dream home via a knock down rebuild process.

Perhaps you’ve been considering a major renovation to get a new kitchen, bathroom and all modern fixtures and fittings and due to the huge construction costs, you haven’t been able to make your dreams a reality. You can avoid the nasty and expensive surprises that are the hallmark of renovations, ensuring that your budget is predictable and manageable.

Or maybe your old home just hasn’t got the layout, space and light that we you desire in modern home designs but you love the location.


Cheaper and faster than renovation

Knocking down an old home and building a new Mincove Home is significantly cheaper, and often quicker than a major renovation. And it means you can stay in, or move to, a location you love.

With Mincove, it also means the dream of living in a beautiful, new, affordable home is within your reach. And with our fixed price contracts, you don’t have the nightmare of escalating renovation costs.


Innovative designs or custom builds

We have a multitude of innovative designs to suit a wide variety of sites; small, large, sloping or just plain difficult, and each home is built to the same exacting Mincove standards with quality inclusions in every one.

Our custom designs are also surprisingly affordable, so whatever your old home or ideal site looks like, talk to us about creating your new Mincove Home.

Mincove Knockdown Rebuilds – Before and After Photos

Just take a look at what is possible, and be inspired!

We help you navigate the knockdown rebuild process

Trust Mincove Homes to guide you through the process of a knock down rebuild (KDRB). We can facilitate demolition, estimate, get approvals from council, plan and design the home of your dreams to fit your budget. From start to finish, we will be your partner toward transforming your old home into something to perfectly suit you.

Mincove Homes reputation for quality and service is well-known. Convert your old house into a brand new home with professionalism, efficiency and predictability. We will clearly communicate with you during the process, leaving no question unanswered, and keep you in touch with progress throughout.

So don’t compromise your lifestyle by living in your old imperfect home when you could be planning the right home to match your lifestyle at a fraction of the cost of a full renovation. Contact us for a no-obligation conversation about your knock down rebuild today!


Mincove were able to put our dreams into reality when other builders said they couldn’t. They were more than happy to help, listened to our ideas and the whole process was stress free and easy. If we build again, we would use Mincove without any hesitation.

– Rob & Angela

Our expectations were exceeded. Our build went by without a hitch and our Supervisor was amazing. All the tradesman did a fantastic job and what a beautiful home. You gave us more than a house, you have given our family the home we dreamt of.

– Mick & Angie

The process was a dream, so simple and efficient: the planning stages were very smooth and the team more than accommodating to our requests. The Supervisor updated us at every stage and the end result was exactly what we had hoped for.

– Shad & Rachel

Our Mincove Supervisor was great to deal with and always kept us well informed. The finishes on our home are of the highest standard – it’s a testament to the Mincove tradies. The service provided after the build was excellent.

– Brett & Kellie


What are the benefits of a knock down rebuild?
For many homeowners looking to give their home an upgrade, there’s always the toss-up between renovating or moving. In some circumstances, starting from scratch with a knock down rebuild may even be the best option! 

While the idea might sound extreme, there are many benefits, including:

  • Cheaper and faster than a renovation — In our experience, we find that starting from scratch is the more cost and time-effective option. This is often because there are no surprises expenses, plus you won’t have to worry about repaying stamp duty or real estate fees.
  • No need to move — Many homeowners who’ve either outgrown their home or want a fresh start struggle with the idea of selling their home because they love the area. By opting for a knock down rebuild, families can stay in their suburb but enjoy the luxury of a new home.
  • Greater flexibility in design — House hunting doesn’t always go according to plan, especially if you’re after a specific floor plan or design. With a knock down rebuild, you’re the boss. You’ll be in charge of everything from the interior design to bedroom size to kitchen features.
  • Can keep up with a growing family — One of the common reasons homeowners need to move house is because they’d like to expand their family. Opting to have your home rebuilt means adding as many extra rooms as you want, without having to endure the stress of moving.
Is a knock down rebuild more cost-efficient?
Generally, yes. Our knock down rebuild specialists will give you a fixed price before we begin demolition. Having a locked-in figure in place means you’ll be able to budget accordingly. It also means you won’t be hit with any surprise costs or fees along the way — a pinch that often comes with renovating.
What factors influence a knock down rebuild process?
Once we sit down and begin discussing your vision, some factors can influence the process, such as:

  • Design goals — Do you want a complex floor plan?
  • Property size — Will we need to demolish a large house?
  • Any legal issues that arise — Are there fixtures that will be difficult to approve?
How long does knocking down a house and rebuilding it take?
On average, a knock down rebuild takes around 8-12 months. However, this isn’t a guaranteed timeline — a few things that can get in the way of demolition include:

  • Issues with the land or soil
  • Financial constraints
  • A change in design
  • Harsh weather conditions
Do I need a permit for a knockdown rebuild?
Yes. As part of our service, Mincove Homes will be your partner throughout the process. This includes obtaining permits and other approvals from your council, as well as providing cost estimates and design assistance.
Will I need to organise the demolition myself?
No. Once you sign up for a knock down rebuild, we take responsibility for everything from demolition to design. We understand that this can be a stressful time, especially if you’re new to the concept, so it’s best to leave it up to the knock down rebuild specialists.
Should I get a loan for a knock down rebuild project?
This will depend on your financial circumstances. If you are still paying off your home loan, you might consider refinancing rather than taking out another loan. On the other hand, if you have paid off your mortgage and need extra help with financing, shop around on construction loans to ensure you get the best deal.

Ready to transform your home? Explore your options and find out how we can make your dream home a reality by contacting one of our consultants.

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