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Split Level Home Designs

Explore our range of split level home designs, ideal for sloping blocks. Sloping sites often offer the greatest views, affordable land prices, or are simply easier to buy. However, most project home builders don’t want to know about them. In fact, even custom, master builders often shy away from challenging sites. Designing and building on a slope takes patience, experience and skill. Mincove Homes has taken on the challenges of sloping sites for almost two decades and in doing so, have become experts in solving almost every problem inherent in a sloping or difficult site. In fact, sloping sites are our specialty – up slope, down slope, side slope, we do them all.

Sloping block home designs

We’ve spent over 18 years perfecting sloping site house designs so that they are just as functional and beautiful to live in as any level site house – sometimes even more so! We have a multitude of designs for sloping sites – our most popular are showcased on this page. If you can’t find a design that suits you here or your slope is just too steep, please talk to us about our other standard designs or how we can put together a custom design for your site. Building a bespoke home with Mincove is more affordable than you’d think. Also check out our helpful article ‘Building on a Sloping Block? Here’s What You Need To Know’. With our reputation for excellence in construction and finishes, we guarantee you’ll love working with us, and love your new Mincove home even more.

Benefits of a Split Level House Design and Floor Plan

Maximise Views

If there is a possibility that you can get a view from a second storey on a split level home then you should absolutely capatalise on that if you can. A split level home built on a block that has views from the ground level will only be better once you build upwards. We will work out the best layout for the requirements you have to ensure that you hold onto those spectacular views. Taking advantage of your picturesque surroundings and using your land wisely will set your home apart from the rest.


A block that is on a slope offers benefits when building a large tri level house design or a split level home. As our designs cater well to most climates, you’ll be able to enhance your energy efficiency performance and get the most comfort possible. A split level home design allows for an abundance of natural light, natural drainage and plenty of ventilation throughout the house.

Secure Foundation

The key to longevity for your home is solid and stable foundations. When you choose house plans for sloping blocks, it will provide your building with a resilient structure in accordance with the differing foundations. Having the option to pick a design suited to the nature of your land is a huge bonus and a down slope house plans do exactly that.

Lifestyle and Livability

We have beautiful split level home designs to suit every lifestyle. Each split level home design is specifically created with sloping and awkwardly shaped blocks in mind. No matter the size or configuration you’re looking for, a split level home can be tailored to suit just about any requirement you have.

Unique Design

Mincove Homes have a split level home design to suit land of all shapes and sizes. We can even make a sloping block home look totally unique with different rooflines and facades able to be incorporated into the designs. When you choose a split level home plan, you will be able to take advantage of creating different zones within your indoor and outdoor space. This is fantastic for children who want play space and parents who want privacy.

Optimises Space

Our split level builders will work to optimise space over your split level home. Storage, room to move, and entertaining all have one thing in common and that is – they need space. Building up means you will have to compromise less as you will have more vertical space to play with.

Cost-effective alternative

Cutting costs can be a godsend when you’re building a home. Cutting into an angled block of land to build a single storey home can be expensive and time consuming. When you choose a split level design, there is no need to move any earth and no digging into rock causing water pipe damage.

Sloping block and split level home design experts

Get in touch with us if you need help with a sloping block or split level home design. Our home designs are always impressive and we have beautiful display homes available for you to visit.


What is a split level house plan?

A split level house design is a clever and increasingly popular option for those looking to build on an upward, downward or sideways sloping plot of land. While the plan of a split level home will be designed for a specific type of block, generally the layout will incorporate two or three small flights of stairs and can consist of up to four separate levels. Cutting out the need for unsightly retaining walls, expensive excavation or impractical, steep driveways — a split home plan can help homeowners get the most of their land and optimise their views. 

Are split level homes cheaper to build?

Oftentimes with a split level home design you can bypass the need for excavation and retaining walls, which are typically two expensive construction costs. 

What are the benefits of a split level home?

Choosing to design a split level home can provide you with a whole range of benefits like: 

  • Efficient use of space — A great way to utilise space, designs for split level homes typically aim to make sure no land is wasted. As is the case with a regular double-storey house, building upwards means you can have a larger backyard without having to compromise on the size of your home. For those with pets or if you’re intending to build a beautiful pool or backyard set up, a split level home is an ideal choice.
  • Unique design — Split level designs can be great for a family who is after something a little bit different with the staggered floors providing a stylish backdrop and plenty of space that flows throughout the home.
  • Distinct zones — Because the split level allows for multiple floor spaces to overlap,  bedrooms can be located on one floor and the living space on another level. This is a clever way to create distinct zones, making it popular for families with children or older relatives. 
  • Maximise local views — If your land is situated near picturesque surroundings, it’s only natural you would want to take full advantage of this scenery. A split house design will contour the land, giving you better elevation and better views. 

Where can I build my split level house?

If you’re undecided about where you would like to live, we want to introduce you to some of our favourite locations in New South Wales. Whether you’re interested in building a split level house design in a coastal town of the Illawarra region or a charming getaway property nestled in the Southern Highlands, we can help you choose a location that’s just right for you. Get in contact with our friendly team of experts to find your community and start building your dream home today. 

Get the best of both worlds

We regularly customise our standard designs to our customer’s requirements. This blend of a custom build and a project home affords you a bespoke approach at a reasonable build price. Have a look at this stunning example of a customised Wave design.

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Mincove were able to put our dreams into reality when other builders said they couldn’t. They were more than happy to help, listened to our ideas and the whole process was stress free and easy. If we build again, we would use Mincove without any hesitation.

- Rob & Angela

Our expectations were exceeded. Our build went by without a hitch and our Supervisor was amazing. All the tradesman did a fantastic job and what a beautiful home. You gave us more than a house, you have given our family the home we dreamt of.

- Mick & Angie

The process was a dream, so simple and efficient: the planning stages were very smooth and the team more than accommodating to our requests. The Supervisor updated us at every stage and the end result was exactly what we had hoped for.

- Shad & Rachel

Our Mincove Supervisor was great to deal with and always kept us well informed. The finishes on our home are of the highest standard – it’s a testament to the Mincove tradies. The service provided after the build was excellent.

- Brett & Kellie

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