Project Homes – How Much Do They Cost?

Inside this article – affording your home, the impact your block has on costs, single vs double storey designs and much more!

project homes, Project Homes – How Much Do They Cost?


From the onset, one of the major benefits of building a project home if you are a first home buyer is the NSW First Home Owners Grant. The popularity of this option is due to the low cost of project homes. Aimed at assisting first home buyers and stimulating the construction of new dwellings, the $10,000 grant applies to first home buyers who are building a new property up to the value of $750,000.


With a vast range of our beautiful home designs to choose from, matched with your block of land will secure a total package well under $750,000. The First Home Owners Grant provides an attractive incentive to consider choosing to build a brand-new project home with Mincove Homes.

As well as the First Home Owner’s Grant, one of the most well-known incentives that coincides with building a project home is value for money. With standard designs, volume and bulk prices, project home builders generally hold the ability to offer you costs that other builders simply can’t meet.

As well as competitive costing, Mincove Homes offer you a fixed price tender for your build, ensuring that your budget is met and not exceeded.

Other costs involved in building a project home are influenced by factors including:


If you are looking to build on a flat block of land, you will save on many of the costs associated with building on a sloping block.

On sloping blocks, soil depths are relatively shallow, meaning that you are likely to strike rock which can mean costly excavation if required to alter the land to accommodate your home design.

After taking on the challenges of building on sloping sites for almost two decades, our team here at Mincove Homes work with you to map out customisation of your new home, or, offer you carefully planned split-level home designs.

We ensure that the design of your new project home works with your block instead of against it, reducing any unnecessary excavation which generally costs thousands of dollars – before you’ve even started to build!

Read more about things to know when building on a sloping block here.

project homes, Project Homes – How Much Do They Cost?


Other site and project home costs to consider when building a house may be levelling the surface or removing greenery and trees. The location of your home can also impact costs based on a council or state requirements, as well as factors such as Bushfire Attack obligations.

There will almost always be costs associated with the site, and each site will be different. You can contact our highly-experienced team here at Mincove Homes to discuss your individual site costs and associated options.


Once you have your site cost mapped out, you will be considering the cost of your brand-new project home! At Mincove Homes, we have a variety of beautiful:

Take a look at our full range of home designs.


How much does it cost to build a house?​If you have a clear vision of your dream home design, achieving that feeling of added luxury through customisation may not be as costly as you think.

At Mincove Homes our knowledgeable team are experts in working with you to understand your ideas and turn them into your dream custom home, at affordable prices to keep within your budget.

If you are simply after the latest stylish and premium quality inclusions in your new home, an upgrade package (which are great value) may be the best option for you.

We partner with a range of companies who uphold the same standards of excellence that we pride ourselves on, such as SmegPhoenix TapwareCaesarstoneTaubmans and BlueScope Steel.

Whatever your style, we partner with companies who provide the latest products in luxurious home living, that will give your brand-new project home that lavish high-end feel. To find out more about our project homes and price lists, get in contact with us today.

project homes, Project Homes – How Much Do They Cost?
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Mincove Homes Published on Sep 05, 2018 4 minute read

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