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Simple styling tips to bring your outdoor space to life!

Dec 19, 2017 | Inspiration

Aussies certainly are a bunch of barbecuing entertainers, addicted to the outdoor lifestyle!
Here are our tips for creating the perfect space for entertaining friends and family this summer…

1. Keep your space comfortable

Think beyond your cushions here.. comfort comes down to leaving enough space for people to move around easily, creating ample shade & warding off the mozzies with a citronella candle or two!

2. Throw shade… in style!

Large leafed plants such as palms or the glossy-leaved philodendron are a great (& cost effective) way to add shade & give a visual coolness to your space. Or, opt for a large stylish umbrella!

3. Don’t skimp on outdoor fabrics

Invest in good outdoor fabrics (look for UV resistance) that will withstand harsh sun, rain & wind which can all take their toll on fabrics causing fading, mildew & general wear & tear.

4. Have fun with colour

Why not make your own statement pieces? Up-cycle old furniture or pots with a coat of bright paint, or re-cover cushions with a patterned fabric! Get creative and let the holiday vibes flow.

5. Accessorise to finish

There are plenty of affordable accessory options these days.. think metallic or concrete pots filled with succulents, trendy water jugs, watering cans or go big with a hanging egg chair or hammock!

Most importantly, remember to style your space around you and your family. Start by creating an area that is functional and comfortable, then give it a touch of personality by accessorising!

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