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Styling your sanctuary: Our tips for designing the PERFECT bedroom

Nov 17, 2017 | Inspiration

Have you ever been in a room that just feels right? 9 times out of 10, it’s because it has a simple design that it’s also highly function. But creating a simple design is harder than it looks — particularly in bedrooms. A tranquil night’s sleep may mean the difference between an average day and an amazing one – so isn’t it time to wake up and reclaim our sleep space?

We step you through how to transform your bedroom into your very own happy place: a restful sanctuary where snoozing doesn’t mean losing!

Choose a neutral palette

Patterned wallpaper and deep red-painted walls may look impressive in a magazine, but they’re unlikely to aid restful sleep. A colour scheme of soft ‘neutrals’ will enhance the sense of calm in your bedroom. And if you can’t live without colour, use bright cushions to accessorise.

If your bedroom is a chaotic mix of patterns and colours and oversized furniture, then it is more than likely you who’ll find it harder to relax and hence, have a good night’s rest.

Lighting? Think small

If you’re pottering around in your room before bedtime, create a warm, gentle glow that will help you wind down and prepare the body for deep relaxation.

A simple string of fairy lights tucked behind the curtain rail is an inexpensive way to provide just enough light – and look oh-so-pretty in the process. Or why not light one of your favourite scented candles to help you unwind after a long day?


Tripping over clothes and treading on your hairbrush isn’t the most relaxing way to begin bedtime. Eliminating clutter helps reduce stress, and you’ll be able to find your belongings more quickly. Use rustic crates or pretty boxes to stack away larger items, and organise drawers using dividers.

Use calming aromas

Avoid artificial scents, such as air fresheners, and replace with essential oils and a diffuser. Soothing lavender oil is thought to help you fall asleep faster and fall into a deeper sleep, whilst chamomile is known to ease tension. Massage a drop into your temples and feet, take deep inhalations… and relax.

Grow some plants

As well as looking lovely, keeping a small plant on your dressing table will do wonders for the atmosphere in your bedroom. Plants release oxygen and water, which purify the air, and also increases humidity to help you breathe more easily.

Invest in a good bed

If you have to choose between a fancy frame and a decent mattress, go for the latter. There’s no doubt they’re pricy, but a good-quality mattress will last more than ten years, so the cost-per-sleep ratio will definitely be in your favour.

Be sure to buy a well-padded mattress that offers the correct support and one that’s crafted from natural materials.

Glam time

Where else can you indulge your interior design fantasies if not the privacy of your bedroom? Consider adding textured throws, cushions and/or a chandelier for a dramatic touch, or an oversized headboard in a luxurious fabric. And if you have enough space, incorporate a dressing table into your scheme so you can get ready for the day in style.

What are your top tips for creating the perfect bedroom retreat?

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