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Paint it black: Home luxury with stylish matte black finishes

Apr 23, 2018 | Inspiration

Luxurious matte black finishes

One of the latest home design trends is towards stylish matte black fixtures. And why not? Matte black is a highly versatile finish that suits a variety of styles, such as minimalism and industrial looks.

Why would you want black tapware?

  • Stunning aesthetics: Sleek and stylish, black tapware is easy on the eye and makes for an more visually interesting departure from the chrome and metallic finishes you may be used to seeing.
  • Black goes with everything: It is a versatile colour that can complement many schemes in a kitchen or bathroom.
  • Black works well with natural materials: Black tapware and sinks look sophisticated against natural materials like stone, marble and timber.
  • Black tapware won’t show finger prints: Finger prints will be less visible on matte black than their chrome counterparts.
  • Black tapware doesn’t require fancy detergents for cleaning: Simply use mild soapy water to keep them clean.

Black tapware can be used alone or in conjunction with traditional chrome to give your home a truly indulgent look and feel.

Phoenix Blix Flexible Hose Sink Mixer

The stunning black Tectonite Kitchen Sink

Match your sleek new black tapware with a durable black Franke Tectonite universal kitchen sink to complete the modern look.

While Tectonite is lightweight, it is also resistant to impact scratches, chips, scuffs and dents when compared to similar products. If you drop something, it’s less likely to show marks.

Tectonite sinks have a coated surface that protects against stubborn stains and bacteria. Simply wipe down with a soapy cloth when necessary. No special cleaning agents are required!

You can place hot pans directly into your sink without a worry – Tectonite is heat-resistant up to 300°C.

Tectonite’s UV protection also ensures that it will not fade over time.

Matte Black FAQs

Here are the answers to some of the frequently asked questions we receive on Matte Black products.

How do I clean my matte black tapware and sink?

Avoid using heavy duty cleaners and instead simply wash with a mild soapy cloth when necessary.

Do matte black taps and sinks scratch easily?

Matte black tapware can be scratched, but not easily. We take extra care when installing it to ensure that it’s not damaged by heavy-duty plumbing tools. But it should stand up to everyday use without easily scratching. The sinks are extremely durable and will not mark if you accidentally drop a pot or pan into it.

Does the matte black show fingerprints and dirt?

The black tapware and sinks don’t can show dirt, but not more so than a chrome tap. The matte black taps and sinks do not show fingerprints.

Ultimate Upgrade has gone Matte Black

Limited offer: Ultimate upgrade has gone MATTE BLACK

For a limited time, the Ultimate Upgrade has gone Matte Black.

  • Phoenix Teva Basin Mixer
  • Phoenix Teva Shower Mixer
  • Phoenix Teva Bath/Spout Mixer Set
  • Bathroom Parisi Pop-Up Waste
  • Phoenix Lexi Compact Twin Shower
  • Phoenix Radii Bathroom Accessories
  • Phoenix Blix Kitchen Pullout Sink Mixer
  • Franke Tectonite Universal Kitchen Sink

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