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The Average Cost to Build a Four Bedroom House

Feb 13, 2020 | Project Homes, Display Homes, Choosing Land

You’ve reached that exciting time in your life when you are starting to look into building yourself a beautiful new 4 bed home! And of course, you’ll be wondering how much does a 4 bedroom house cost to build?

When planning for the future, extra rooms in your new home will likely appeal – and for a range of good reasons.

As David Airey from Airey Real Estate stated, “Many homes today are occupied only by one or two people. Regardless of this shrinking household size, the desire for larger homes remains strong and the market tends to put higher values on four-bedroom houses.”

Who does a four bedroom house suit?

The reason behind the value that we see in four bedroom houses is that extra rooms offer flexible lifestyle options, making them suited to a wide range of people with different lifestyles and needs.

For example, you may already have a family of three or more, or are looking to start a family, in which case having four bedrooms will allow easy family living.

You may even be a family who will appreciate having separate living zones.

Separate Living Space Ridgewood

Or, you could be a family of one or two, who will value having extra rooms for the likes of a home office, a home gym, a media room or guest rooms to accommodation travelling family and/or friends.

No matter the size of your family, as you can see there are an array of different ways to occupy a four bedroom house!

So, if you’re an investor or looking to build to sell, then investing in a four bedroom house may just bring you the healthy return that you desire.

Should I build a single or double storey four bedroom house?

The question of whether to build a single or double storey four bedroom house, may be easily answered when looking at your land size.

Ridgewood Facade Mincove Homes Display Home

If you have bought quite a long, narrow block of land, then you may want to consider a double storey four bedroom house to allow you to still have room within your ground floor floorplan for a generous entertaining area and some yard space.

For more on the impact your land has on building costs, read our article on how much it costs to build a project home.

Another reason you may want to opt for a double storey house rather than single is if you are a family who will appreciate separate and private living zones, such as an upstairs parents retreat, or the opposite – kids quarters.

Take a look at our extensive range of beautiful four bedroom, double storey home designs here.

Mandala Beach House

If you have bought a large, generous block of land or even land on an acreage, then you may want to take advantage of that and really space out your beautiful new four bedroom home over a single level.

You may want to opt for a single storey four bedroom house is if you are or are becoming elderly, or will often have elderly guests, of whom will appreciate the ease of single level living without stairs to climb.

Take a look at our extensive range of beautiful four bedroom, single storey home designs here.

Single Level Mincove Home

What is the average cost to build a four bedroom house?

With standard designs, volume and bulk prices, here at Mincove Homes, we generally hold the ability to offer you costs on beautiful, brand new and high quality homes that other builders simply can’t meet.

The average cost of our single storey four bedroom houses is $255,808, and the average cost of our double storey four bedroom houses is $315,647.

However, site costs (which will be additional to these average costing figures) will need to be taken into consideration.

Site costs for a flat block can fall anywhere from $30,000 – $60,000, depending on the block that is to be built on and specific Council or Developer requirements.

For more information on the average cost to build a project home, or on site costs click here.

Mincove Homes Kitchen

You will also need to take into consideration costly ‘finishing touches’ which can often be underestimated in terms of price or even forgotten about in the planning stages, such as driveways, landscaping and fencing.

As well as competitive costing, here at Mincove Homes offer you a fixed price tender for your four bedroom house build, ensuring that your budget is met and not exceeded.

To talk to one of our expert New Homes consultants about obtaining your own fixed price tender, visit our Contact page here.


You won’t want to miss out on our Premium Upgrade Package!

Why conclude your dream new home at just four bedrooms, when right now you can also take full advantage of our Premium Upgrade Package?

For a limited time, this package offers you a generous $30,000 worth of beautiful, premium upgrade items to complete your new four bedroom home, all for just an extra $3,999.


Our amazing Premium Upgrade Package boasts the inclusion of:

  • Fujitsu Reverse Cycle Ducted Air Conditioning
  • 20mm Caesarstone Benchtops To Kitchen
  • Westinghouse 900mm Appliances
  • Upgraded Phoenix Tapware
  • 920mm Hume Newington Front Door
  • 900mm Built-In Laundry Unit
  • Plus lots more!

For more on project home customisation and upgrades, click here.

To talk to one of our very own New Homes Consultants about building your dream four bedroom home, or for more information on our exclusive Premium Upgrade Package, give our friendly team a call today on (02) 4256 0222.

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