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What Should You Look For In A New Home Design?

Oct 8, 2019 | Project Homes, Financing, Choosing Land, Inspiration

Every year, more than 200 000 homes are built in Australia, so if you’re seeking your new dream home, you’re not alone.

With so many flashy home designs and possibilities available, new home buyers can become overwhelmed and under informed about choosing the right home designs for their needs. Spending extra time to consider the right factors will ensure you don’t have second thoughts once the house is done.

Here are four things we recommend you consider when looking at home designs.

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1. Single or double storey

One of the most crucial decisions new home builders face is whether to build a single or double storey home. This may seem like a simple question to answer but factors like family size and future plans may complicate things. Single storey homes tend to be cheaper and easier to maintain as all rooms are on one level. They also take less time to build and are the friendlier option for small children and elderly or people who live with physical disability or may find it difficult navigating stairs.

On the other hand, double storey homes are more spacious and offer an extra level of privacy. Double storey homes maximise land use, rather than sacrificing space from the front or back yards. However, with more space comes more places to clean and extra room to heat and cool.

2. Size and shape of the block

Another important factor to consider when looking at home designs is the size and shape of your block. The land you choose can significantly affect building costs, design options and energy efficiency. More importantly, it could also determine whether you can build the type of home you want or not.

Well positioned land is becoming more expensive and rarer every year, especially in suburban and urban areas in NSW. This could mean that you need to opt for narrow or sloping blocks and adapt them to your needs. Difficult sites might also require you to consider a split level home design.

You should also consider how reactive the soil is in response to increased or decreased moisture content. Read about our tips on site analysis.

3. Investment longevity and returns

A home is an investment and should be treated as such. Whilst homes in the Wollongong area show an average investment growth of approximately six to eight per cent annually, home designs can affect your investment and longevity potential.

Effective home designs consider the location, climate and are tried and tested for the specific area. As well as living practicalities such as multiple zones, open plan rooms and functional spaces for the family to unite and enjoy each other’s’ company.

Opting for an off the plan design by experienced project home builders can save you a lot of time, money and headaches.

4. Maximise functional spaces

By utilising the available space efficiently, it is possible to get all those dream extra features that you want, such as a walk in pantry or extra living areas, even on a narrow block. Evaluate your lifestyle and the activities that your family enjoys the most when deciding on a home plan. Do you love to entertain outside and need an alfresco space? Do your kids love watching movies and therefore your house will be complete with a home theatre? Is a double garage non negotiable?

Inspect your home design to ensure that no space has gone under utilised. You can include some clever design elements like using built in shelves and cavity sliding doors instead of traditional swing doors to maximise space.

Browse through our popular home designs to get inspired!

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