What You Need To Know About Building New Homes

Australia is one of the biggest producers of building new homes. But it can still be a monumental occasion, especially if itโ€™s your first time. Purchasing a home is considered to be the single largest investment that a person makes during their lifetime.

display homes, What You Need To Know About Building New Homes

There is nothing better than getting that brand, new home just like you’d always dreamed of. But if it creates a headache after headache, by the time the new home is built, all the joy will be gone.

There’s a lot to prepare for when it comes to building. As local experts when it comes to building new homes, we’ve compiled a list of the things you need to know before you start the build process and we’re here to offer you guidance and support.


Building new homes almost always require building approval and every piece of land in Australia has controls that dictate whether a planning permit is required and how it should be executed. In order to make it efficient and relatively pain-free, it’s crucial to provide the correct information and details about the building, materials and construction process.

Work out what kind of permits (in terms of building, planning and council) are involved so that you are fully compliant. These permits ensure you comply with the local regulations and standards and it can often be a complex and time-consuming process.

‘There are three assessment pathways that may apply to

Additionally, you will also need to lodge a BASIX certificate.

display homes, What You Need To Know About Building New Homes

Feeling confused? At Mincove Homes, all the necessary reports and approvals are organised on your behalf.


Not all builders are equal when it comes to building new homes. Make sure you choose the right builder for you, which is often one that helps you stay informed across the entire project and has a solid reputation.

The best builder for you will be experienced, up to date with the relevant licences, approvals and association memberships. Plus, they will be transparent and make your needs a priority.

display homes, What You Need To Know About Building New Homes


To prevent unnecessary delays in the journey that is building a new home, make sure you have spoken to your financial advisor or bank so you are clear on your borrowing power and limit, particularly with last year’s more conservative lending rules.

You may need more than you first realise, for example, Sydney mortgagees are putting around 27 per cent of their household disposable income towards monthly mortgage payments. It always pays to check.

Understand the amount you are able to borrow, what deposit you’ll need and whether you will take out mortgage insurance. Plus, consider all costs of building new homes including taxes, stamp duty, interest, contour surveys, valuation fees, site costs and any other out of pocket expenses. Don’t forget about things that your building company might not necessarily cover such as landscaping, utility hookups, fences, letterboxes and other additional must-haves.

Be realistic about what you can afford and make allowances for unexpected costs that may arise. Choosing a project plan home is useful when it comes to budgeting so you know exactly what type of home you will get to meet your financial confines.

In addition, you need to factor into your budget the living arrangements for the duration of the build of your new home. Most Australian homes take approximately four to twelve months to build, so you will need to rent or live somewhere in the meantime.

We understand that this might be the least fun part of building a new home but nailing this down first will make the rest of the project a dream rather than a nightmare.

display homes, What You Need To Know About Building New Homes


If you’re buying or building a new home for the very first time and plan to live there, you could be eligible for the First Home Owners’ Grant of up to $10 000. The grant is a useful contribution scheme to help people get on the property ladder and encourage the build of new homes and support growing communities.


In the earlier stages of building new homes, it’s imperative that the potential building site is thoroughly assessed and there are several factors taken into account. The following questions will affect your costs:

  • Will excavation be required?
  • Is there rock beneath the surface?
  • Do you have a sloping site?

A soil test and profile need to be undertaken to test its reactivity and its bearing capacity and how suitable it will be for the build. This also informs what kind of slab or footings your builders can use and the resulting costs.

When it comes to a sloping site, it’s important to remember that the more slope you have, the more that building costs may increase when it comes to construction and council rules.

Don’t forget to check that the block allows for the actual size of the home you want to build— you can’t build edge to edge, so a bigger block size than home size is required.

display homes, What You Need To Know About Building New Homes


Location can be a major factor in the experience of building new homes. It’s important to choose a location that will set you up for success long term both in terms of lifestyle and investment.

Consider public amenities as well as distance to attractive facilities such as schools and colleges, medical centres and public transport.

Don’t forget to consider the future needs of you and your family and whether it’s the right street and neighbourhood for you.

display homes, What You Need To Know About Building New Homes
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