Why You Should Consider Visiting Display Homes

Building a brand new home is one of the biggest investments youโ€™re ever going to make, so, youโ€™re going to want to get it right โ€“ very right! Visiting display homes as a starting point will benefit you in many ways, including helping you to establish what you do and donโ€™t want, and what considerations you will need to make.

display homes, Why You Should Consider Visiting Display Homes

TIP: Make sure you have a plan for your display village visit!

Many people wander a range of different show homes with no real plan of action, only to feel quite overwhelmed at the options available to them at the end of the day.

Make a list of questions and/or ‘must haves’ before you arrive. ‘Must haves’ could include things like a guest room or a media room, or even a home design suited to a sloping block of land, or a narrow block of land.

Another important thing to know before you set out is your budget! This will help you narrow down a few display homes to choose from, and save you time as you’ll probably want to visit your shortlist of show houses again before you make your final decision.

display homes, Why You Should Consider Visiting Display Homes

Right, so you’ve got your plan of attack! Here’s what you have to gain by visiting a show home (we have display homes near Wollongong and Nowra):


After a stroll through a display home, ask yourself if the floor plan suits your family and your lifestyle. Try to look past the interior design features if possible, and look purely at the space.

Are there enough rooms for everyone in your family? For guests? Are there any spare rooms to use as an office or second living area? Are the living areas open-plan enough for you? Will the spaces in this home fit your furniture?

In Calerwood Valley and Shell Cove near Wollongong, you will find many two storey show homes such as our Ridgewood and Cove designs, because this development has narrow blocks so the only way is up!

But in Nowra, single storey display homes are the norm like the Callala and Milton, because of the larger blocks on which they can spread out.

Take a virtual tour of The Milton here, and of The Callala here!

display homes, Why You Should Consider Visiting Display Homes


If you’ve been feeling a bit overwhelmed by the concept of building a brand new home, display homes are the perfect place to get ideas and inspiration!

Observe elements that you do and don’t like. Make sure you consider everything from structural elements, to design features and even the use of spaces. For example, you may not have thought about your colour scheme, or about functional elements such as the inclusion of skylights, or a butler’s pantry.

display homes, Why You Should Consider Visiting Display Homes


When you visit a show home you will have a lot of practical things that you will be considering, such as the layout, dimensions, quality and features. However, you should also consider how the space makes you feel – because at the end of the day, that is just as important.

Can you imagine you and your family living there? Do you like where the rooms are located within the home? Does it feel as comfortable, inviting or modern as you would like?


The quality of craftsmanship that you see in the display homes that you visit, you would also expect to see in your brand new home if working with that builder.

Your average display home will be beautifully built, but make sure to look closely at the quality of all finishes and fittings, plus the building itself, to gain a good insight into what the builder you are considering working with is capable of.

Carefully examine details such as door and window fittings, paint and sealant applications, flooring, architraves, tiling and levelling – whilst keeping an eye out for problems such as gaps and rough finishes.

display homes, Why You Should Consider Visiting Display Homes


This is your opportunity to ask questions of the representatives of the home builders you are considering working with, so make sure you bring that list of important queries with you!

Things to ask a builder you are considering working with may include how many homes they are building at the moment, or how long it would take them to build your home.

It may interest you to know whether the builders are local to the Wollongong or Nowra area, as these companies have an investment in maintaining their reputation and supporting the community by employing local tradies.

Or, you may have more detail focused questions in mind, such as, is this home design suitable for a sloped block of land? Can this home designed be altered, and if so at what cost? Or, will you help us to choose our colour scheme, fittings and finishes?

Here at Mincove Homes, we have an in-house selections consultant who will help you to make those all important decisions!

display homes, Why You Should Consider Visiting Display Homes


As you look around a display home, ask about the brands that the home builder uses for things like building materials, appliances, fitting and fixtures. The brands that the builder works with will give you and idea of the overall quality that they are supplying to their customers.

Here at Mincove Homes, we work with trusted Wollongong-based and national companies such as ColorbondAustralCaesarstoneTaubmansSmegWestinghouse and Phoenix Tapware – all of whom uphold the same standards of excellence that we pride ourselves on.

Mincove Homes consist of high quality inclusions as standard on all our project home builds, regardless of your budget. For a detailed breakdown of our inclusion packages, please don’t hesitate to contact us.

display homes, Why You Should Consider Visiting Display Homes


Need a lunch break? Use the opportunity to check out the local area around the development, too. South Nowra is a beautifully bushy area and you can find out more about it and building in the Nowra area here. Or if you’re looking to live closer to Wollongong and amongst the foothills of the Illawarra escarpment, check out our local guide to building near Wollongong.

Think about whether there are shops, schools or parks nearby, and get a feel for the community by talking to locals! After all, there would be nothing worse than having the perfect house, in an area that makes everyday living difficult for you and your family.

If the display homes that you are visiting aren’t in the area that you are looking to build in, swing by on your way home!


If you have kids, or even elderly parents who will be living with you or staying over often, bring them along!

Listen to everyone’s reactions and opinions. Kids may raise good points about spaces that are going to be good for them to use as ‘their domain’ such as a media room, whilst older family members may raise good points about functional things such as the number of rooms, bathrooms, orientation etc.

On that note, also make sure to take note of what YOU want from your new home. Hello butler’s pantry and parent’s retreat!

display homes, Why You Should Consider Visiting Display Homes

TIP: Keep track of the homes that you visit!

If you end up collecting brochures from each home throughout the day, sort them as soon as you get home into two piles – homes you liked, and homes you didn’t. Recycle the pile of ‘not so loved’ homes to eliminate confusion!

Here at Mincove Homes, we have details about each home design and it’s floor plan on our website. View our range of home designs here.

EXTRA TIP: If you are going to take photos inside the homes you visit, make sure to take a snap of the sign and/or facade before you enter – so that you can later remember which house is which!

With all of this in consideration, you should come home from your big day out with a much clearer vision of what you want and require of your new dream home!

For more tips and advice, please contact our friendly Sales team here at Mincove Homes on (02) 4256 0222.

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